Saturday, 6 August 2011


Foodstuff and the failure of super-powers

A breakfast of yogurt (calcium and vitamins), oats (filly-uppy and cholesterol lowering + fibre), walnuts (good for the blood sugar and cholesterol levels), almonds (ditto) and apple (quercetin - I think that's the right spelling, if not, apologies - also for blood sugar and general filly-uppy-healthy stuff)... topped with a sprinkling of... GARAM MASALA.  Yup. Should have been cinnamon (helps increase the body's ability to use insulin effectively).  I know Garam Masala has a little cinnamon in it, and it is fab on a curry but for brekkie... on my oats and yogurt...  BLEURGGGHHHH!!!

Please note, and Frankie can confirm this, one of my usual super-powers is to be able to open the spice drawer and go straight to the one thing I want/need accurately without having to rummage - which is impressive given the chaos in there - this morning my powers failed me and I have learned that sometimes reading the label like ordinary folk is a good idea.
Just peeping out from under the organic (ooh, get me!) stock cubes in the green pack there's a tub with a white lid.  This is a mystery item.  Label: lost... Use by date: uncertain... Contents: unknown.  Yet still I don't throw it away.  Perhaps I should sprinkle it on my breakfast tomorrow and see what shakes down?


  1. Oh noo! I am the opposite: my spice box looks ever so tidy but I have to pull out each jar and check the label as I have no memory of which I put where last time. It doesn't help that I have 6 versions of anything because I'm a spice monster and go wild in the Oriental/Indian/Jamaican/Farm shop aisles.

  2. I know, its like an addiction or a phobia... wonder what one would call a 'Fear of running out of turmeric' Hmmm.. Spicealackaphobia?