Friday, 22 July 2011

Suggestions please...

I do not like the design I have chosen but really need to do other things so this is temporary. :)
Healthy dinner - and a stinky one too (F is out at end of term bash so I am free to stink the place up) smoked haddock.
Oh gawd... that sounds like my opening gambit in my only ever journal aged 9:
"I had spring vegetable soup for lunch and played out with Colin after"
Not only was it the opening, it was the closing. Must have got caught up in playing out...

Oooh Hello!!

Right, here's the thing.
I have spent so long trying to work out whether I want a purple page or I want to give the impression of sophistication with a less out there colour, I've worn myself out!
However, this is a brief hello and a how do I make this work kind of a blog...
What's it about? Why am I doing it? Well, first off, because I locked myself out of Twitter permanently and secondly because even Facebook doesn't give me enough room to chatter on and I can't just SHUT UP like other people.

Also, and this is really important, my life seems to be at a proper grown-up turning point - I'm 44, 3 stone overweight, Diabetic and lazy.  Oh and my last cholesterol reading was an 'impressive' 8.1... at 44 that is (apparently) no joke.  So I have to change a lot of habits, make a lot of choices and do a lot of new stuff.  I don't know if anyone it will be of use to will come and stick a head round my blog-door but  it might just be useful.  It will certainly keep me quiet and F won't have to listen to me rattling on so much... hmm.

SO, this is going to be about my adventures at the Gym, with my medication (please note, I have spared you the details of the revolting early days side effects), and in my new 'healthy' life... Let's see what shakes down shall we?