Friday, 22 July 2011

Suggestions please...

I do not like the design I have chosen but really need to do other things so this is temporary. :)
Healthy dinner - and a stinky one too (F is out at end of term bash so I am free to stink the place up) smoked haddock.
Oh gawd... that sounds like my opening gambit in my only ever journal aged 9:
"I had spring vegetable soup for lunch and played out with Colin after"
Not only was it the opening, it was the closing. Must have got caught up in playing out...

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  1. I was at my end of term bash too, so His Lordship had the house to himself and stank it out... unlike you it was with a spicy pizza and some fags! LOL! You'll be glad I was abstenious as ever and in no way danced like a two dollar ho-bag!! ;)